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Falsettos Reviews

“Preteen chess nerd Jason — preparing for a bar mitzvah that his parents feel more strongly about than he does — often seems the most adult of them. Rosenthal more than holds his own amid the seasoned company, his musicality and grasp of character equally impressive.”

-David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter (Click here)

“Young Jason, played with an air of exasperated smarts by a thoroughly wonderful Mr. Rosenthal...”

-Charles Isherwood, The New York Times (Click here)

“...and young Anthony Rosenthal plays Jason's precociousness and rebellious streak on a realistic level.”

-Michael Dale, BroadwayWorld (Click here)

“It’s got tons of heart, unimpeachable performances by a cast of seven including the best kid actor since Fun Home‘s Sydney Lucas.”

-Jeremy Gerard, Deadline (Click here)

“...and Anthony Rosenthal making a crazy-confident Broadway debut as a sweet-but-not-too-sweet Jason.”

-Jesse Green, Vulture (Click here)

“...and Jason (the excellent Rosenthal conveying an all-too believable mixture of confusion and frustration)...”

-Tim Teeman, The Daily Beast (Click here)

Newsies Reviews

“I watched the adorable Anthony Rosenthal take on the role of 8 year old Les. (This is a star in the making with stage presence that is not to be believed)..”

-Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago (Click here)

“Rosenthal was adorably fierce and very funny. As the youngest cast member, he more than held his own..”

-Linda Hodges, Broadway World (Click here)

“Anthony Rosenthal was ideal as Davey’s daring little brother, Les.”

-Georgia Rowe, The News-Herald (Click here)

“Little Anthony Rosenthal, as LES gives a tiny Tim dimension to the rough and tumble streets of New York. He's cute and filled with heart and desire while exemplifying the fragile and unjust life of the newsies.”

-Ed Vincent, Suburban Journals of Chicago Inc.

“...and Anthony Rosenthal is utterly winning as Davey's wise-cracking younger brother Les..”

-Steve Barnes, SF Gate (Click here)

Nominated for an IRNE Award for Promising Young Performer in "Newsies" (alongside Vincent Crocilla)

Nominated for a Audience Choice Award for Favorite Breakthrough Performance (Male) in "Falsettos"

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